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Castle Hill
14 Kentwell Avenue,
NSW 2154

(02) 9899 9777
(02) 9899 9255


46 Derby Street,
NSW 2747

(02) 4721 5799

(02) 4721 8923

About us


We are a group of enthusiastic dermatologist dedicated to the service of patients in the west and northwest of Sydney.  All our doctors are fellows of the Australasian College of Dermatology.
We currently have ten dermatologists in our group and this is expanding adding to the variety of subspecialty services that we offer our patients.  This also allows us to keep our waiting period quite reasonable.
We offer a comprehensive dermatology service covering general adult and paediatric dermatology, skin cancer, Mohs surgery, laser therapy, immunology and allergy. We also have a number of female dermatologists.
We operate private practices at Castle Hill, and Kingswood.   While most dermatologic surgery is performed in our rooms, Mohs surgery is performed at a Day surgery facility and is partially covered by private health funds.